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Increase Medicare/ Medicaid Patient Engagement And Success Outcomes With Collaborative Ccm Services

Use collaborative care platform focused on medicare/ medicaid patients with 2 or more eligible chronic health conditions and enable care providers in non face-to-face patient interactions between clinical visits with significant medicare payments. Avoid unnecessary trips to emergency rooms and unwarranted duplicate tests. Access qualified clinical staff 24×7 and enable active patient oversight on medications, scheduling medical appointments, access to community programs and health resources.

Collate, Assimilate, Relate, And Engage Physiologic Metrics With Medicare/ Medicaid Patient Health Data

Collate patient health data created, recorded, or gathered by medicare/ medicaid patients and caregivers to address health concerns, treatment plans, and chronic diseases. Digital wearables are revolutionizing eligible patient care substantially and provide real-time monitoring of disease symptoms with scheduled reminders for accurate diagnostics and prescribed treatments.

Unify Medicare/ Medicaid Patient Health Data From Disparate Electronic Medical Record Systems

Aggregate medicare/ medicaid patient data from different electronic medical record systems almost on daily basis with big data robotic automation solutions and unify 360 degree single view of medicare/ medicaid patients synchronized seamlessly from multiple EMRs. Rest assured the latest synchronized health data reflects on your dashboard.

Improve Grid Reliability With Smart Meter Intelligence

Capture, transmit, analyze, and persist smart meter data multiple times every hour, creating a continuous stream of rich usage data and compare with historical data to deliver real time intelligence to increase grid reliability, detect leaks, reduce outage risks, and dynamic load balancing.

Make Policy Decisions With Deep Data Intelligence

Banks possess treasure trove of operational and transactional banking data that may provide valuable insights for investors and policy makers without compromising on the legal requirement of maintaining the anonymity of the customers. Such cross organizational data arising from personal credit, banking, mortgage, wholesale, and treasury banking can be desensitized, anonymized, encrypted, and single window accessed for third party players in secondary markets.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition With Energy Trading Intelligence

Stock traders can identify real-time trading opportunities in electricity market data from commodity exchanges by processing massive data streams of stock trades, current prices, and historical market data. Additional gigabytes of such data from thousands of server log feeds is pumped into computerized trading systems in near real-time to engage with trading opportunities that is critical for success. These real time analytics also enable fraud detection, and market irregularities.

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