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Hyper-target Geo-specific Ads Based On Culture Or Linguistics

Deliver actionable behavioral insights on consumers from specific geography with a strong affinity to a specific culture and linguistic user base. Ingest petabytes of data from disparate sources combining hybrid structured and unstructured consumer information to find actionable intelligence for marketing strategies.

Optimize Digital Ad Buy-sell Decisions Based On Advanced Analytics

Aggregate and combine reams and reams of digitally tracked user data from a wide array of online, social, and mobile platforms to intelligently optimize your digital ad buy-sell decisions. Measure, monitor, and optimize in near real-time to maximize your return on ad investment.

Distribute Videos Based On Audience Viewership, Behavior, Demographics, And Channel

Content syndicators and publishers can distribute content across television, mobile, digital, and omni-media channels with hyper-targeted video ads. Moreover, these video ads can be personalized based on machine learning and AI recommendation engines.

Create Single View Of Customer & Market Place

Dissecting tsunami of data from numerous data sources, create a single view of customer and holistic market landscape to hyper target and segment retail POS and digital consumer data. Remove the guesswork and leverage empirical science to improve sales economics and growth opportunities.

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