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Identify Risk Of Default For New Account Applicants

Large financial institutions and banks process several thousand new account applications every day and mostly consult third party risk scoring services prior to opening the account. Banks lose millions of dollars in overdrawn and charge off due to mismanagement or fraud from high risk applicants. Now by analyzing multiple data streams and by identifying fraud patterns, regional bank branches can now access risk information that may detect high risk customers to make do-not-open recommendations.

Monetize Anonymous Banking Data

Banks possess treasure trove of operational and transactional banking data that may provide valuable insights for investors and policy makers without compromising on the legal requirement of maintaining the anonymity of the customers. Such cross organizational data arising from personal credit, banking, mortgage, wholesale, and treasury banking can be desensitized, anonymized, encrypted, and single window accessed for third party players in secondary markets thus augmenting alternate streams of revenues.

Capture Real-time Trading Opportunities

Stock traders can identify real-time trading opportunities by processing massive data streams of stock trades, current prices, and historical market data. Additional gigabytes of such data from thousands of server log feeds is pumped into computerized trading systems in near real-time to engage with trading opportunities that is critical for success.

Increase Customer Retention And Monetization

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction by generating data driven insights from massive amounts of customer data, combing in-house, 3rd party, and partner data. Engage customers in omni-media channels of their preference, at their convenience.

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