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Empower Patient Journey From Hospital To Home And Beyond Face-to-face

Seamlessly manage transitions among healthcare providers, clinicians, and patients. Bridge the gaps in collaborative care between transitions among care teams, referral clinicians, follow-up after emergency room visit or facility discharge. Create a comprehensive personalized digital care plan for each patient and readily shareable with all providers and enable access to qualified clinical staff on multiple channels including secure messaging, telephone, and internet.

Increase Patient Engagement And Success Outcomes With Collaborative Ccm Services

Use collaborative care platform focused on patients with chronic health conditions and enable care providers in non face-to-face patient interactions between clinical visits with significant medicare payments. Avoid unnecessary trips to emergency rooms and unwarranted duplicate tests. Access qualified clinical staff 24×7 and enable active patient oversight on medications, scheduling medical appointments, access to community programs and health resources.

Increase Patient Engagement And Success Outcomes With Collaborative Ccm Services

Collate patient health data created, recorded, or gathered by patients and caregivers to address health concerns, treatment plans, and chronic diseases. Digital wearables are revolutionizing patient care substantially and provide real-time monitoring of disease symptoms with scheduled reminders for accurate diagnostics and prescribed treatments.

Healthcare At A Place Of Patient’s Choice And Convenience

Enable 24×7 access to care from clinical staff, medication and treatment planning with reminders, comprehensive care plan, health evaluation, professional support staff oversight and facilitated day-to-day living. Seamlessly manage full spectrum home healthcare services.

Unify Patient Health Data From Disparate Electronic Medical Record Systems

Aggregate patient data from different electronic medical record systems almost on daily basis with big data robotic automation solutions and unify 360-degree single view of patients synchronized seamlessly from multiple EMRs. Rest assured the latest synchronized health data reflects on your dashboard.

Integrate Behavioral And Mental Care With Primary Care Services

With millions of patients experiencing mental or behavioral health conditions, health outcomes improve dramatically when these services are integrated with primary care services. Collaborative care model is a behavioral health integration model that enhances primary care by combining care management support and regular psychiatric inter-speciality services. Administer validated ratings scales after the initial assessment visit followed by a continuity of care by dedicated care team personnel.

Enable Secure Patient Support Groups To Drive Medical Adherence, Patient Health Literacy, Peer Motivation, And Social Support

Collaborative care enables health systems to succeed in value based care, reduces adverse treatment outcomes, increases medication adherence, and brings down readmission rates. Peer to peer digital social support drives patient health literacy, patient motivation and encourages new positive lifestyle changes with better health outcomes.

Monitor And Track Medical Equipment, Assets, And Medicines

Radio-frequency identifiers (RFID) can effectively track equipment, medicines across hospital facilities. Medicine utilization prior to expiry saves millions of dollars and bring cost efficiencies by reducing wastage. Centralized digital tracking dashboard enables all professional staffs, administrative staffs, physicians, nurses, and clinicians to be aligned with organizations revenue and operational goals.

Reduce Clinical Readmission Rates

Collaborative care continuity beyond face-to-face on HIPAA secure omni channel engagement with patients drastically reduces clinical readmission rates and increases overall satisfaction ratings. Sustained post transition engagement including treatment planning and medication adherence monitoring positively impacts health outcomes.

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